Accessible & Convenient

Our modern storage facility is easily accessed being just 2 miles from the Southern end of Lincoln By-Pass meaning your much less likely to get stuck in traffic than if you gone to a town centre location. 
Automatic fob access is available 7am – 8pm but 24hr is available if & when required. 

Indoor Storage rooms & Container Storage

Secure indoor storage and new 20ft Containers with roof insulation  to keep your goods in top condition.

Store & Move products

We have just about everything you need to pack up your home for self storing or self moving.
Including:- boxes in a wide range of sizes all flat packed, bubble wrap, tape & dispensers, packing paper, sofa & mattress covers etc. etc.


This bit is still under construction.

Yes, you have 2 options, either move to a larger room or simply take another room, the cost per Sq ft is the same throughout.

You have the option of moving to a smaller room if required, then you only need pay for the room you need.

That’s not such a good idea, what happens if you fall out ?
Much better to have 2 smaller rooms, the cost per Sq ft is the same & you keep your independence.

If you loose your fob you will have to pay another deposit for the replacement fob we will then disable the old one.
We can, subject to identity checks remove your old lock & you will then need a new lock, if you try to remove your own lock & cause damage to our units you will be liable for any repair/replacement costs.

If you live in the same house & pay a deposit for the extra fob, you will get both deposits back when they are returned.

Yes, all you need to do is give us as much notice as possible via a phone call to let us know & we will tell our system what time you require, we don’t need your fob we just tell the system your fob has the extra access for the time you require it.

Our aim is to give you as much flexibility as possible.
So if you have a question or a particular requirement please let us know.
We are learning all the time. 

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